I use an unusual technique that I have experimented with and developed over many years. It always starts with loud music deep in my headphones and a mug of tea on my desk. I think the music fuels my ideas but also blocks out the 'thinking' part of my mind.

I begin by cutting out shapes from thick cardboard. I let my scissors move wherever they want to go and I just watch what happens. Shapes and ideas create themselves and I let them fall onto my desk.

Once I have some forms and images that start to talk to me I assemble them and glue them onto cardboard bases. I hate straight cut lines so my paintings all have hand cut, slightly out of true edges.

Once glued down I seal the card shapes with p.v.a. glue and let it dry. Then I add a base coat of acrylic colour and let this dry thoroughly as if you are impatient and start working on it too soon the surface can become unstable and fall apart as you work on it.

Now I paint freely layering colour on colour, building the surface, scraping back, wetting and working the paint, cutting into it with a scalpel, rubbing it back with sandpaper or blurring with cloths, brushes and fingers. Sometimes I add wire and thread. I always let the work make itself and try not to impose my ideas onto it. It can take weeks of working and listening to each painting until suddenly it comes 'true' and it gives back what I have put into it. Then I know it is finished.

I never go back to work on a painting but they still change without me and become more themselves. This I cannot explain.