Hello and welcome to my website.

My paintings are small, intimate objects that explore flow, connection and stillness and the sensuous experience of being alive.

Painting for me is as essential as breathing. I paint very slowly and I listen deeply to my work. It is always true.

I use an unusual technique that I have developed of painting layers of acrylic colour onto cut and collaged card. I usually work in short series. Each painting stands alone but can be collected or hung as a themed group.

Please note the dimensions of my work, most paintings are a little over A4 size, some smaller, some bigger, all beautiful objects with presence.

I am currently writing and illustrating books of poetry that flow from the core ideas and images I work with in my paintings. They are available to read by clicking on the titles in the menu.

They include the collections ‘Erte’, ‘harts tongue’, ‘my body is a bowl of flames’, ‘nocturnes’, ‘written in splinters of the sun’, ‘thrum’, ‘smithereens’ and ‘electrometer’.

Enjoy looking through my website.

Carol Rogerson